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Nowadays nutrition is regarded as the ‘first means’ for good health. Therefore it is very useful that, when we buy our food that we know the composition e.g. fat, proteins, minerals etc. This also accounts for our horses. Their health also depends on what they eat everyday, and their ‘staple diet’ is hay and grass.

Because we cannot judge from the outside the inner quality of the hay, we have the hay analysed. The analysis is made ‘ fit’ for equines. So we know in detail the quantity of minerals and trace elements our horse gets inside everyday. The information on this website comes from Dr. Kellon, nutrition expert for horses. She has provided crucial information about he management of horses with Insulin Resistance and Cushing. Her website is www.drkellon.com.

Often, supplements are offered ‘ blind’ without knowing what is in the hay. So you buy a supplement enforced with high iron and you hay has high iron as well? With all you good meant efforts, the health of your horse may be threatened.

A horse of 500 kg needs at least 10 kg hay per day. What owners do not realise is, that the quality of ‘modern’ roughage can be detrimental for their horses.Therefore, knowing what you feed, thus  analysing hay/silage/grass, plays an important role to keep your horses optimally fit and healthy. Or even make them recover from illness

Often, the analyses that are offered, are more meant for other large animals and not for horses. And often the results are not explained in such a way that they give a solution for horse and owner. He has to hire a food consultant to ‘ come out of the woods’.

We offer solutions for these problems and dilemmas !!

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